For those who are looking for a little more space, this 10' wide beam, built in classic traditional style, is the ideal choice. Available with traditional, semi-trad and cruiser stern options, this substantial craft features extended swim lines for efficient and smooth handling.

specification includes:

  • 10mm/6mm/5mm/4mm construction – all steel test certified and sourced from steel suppliers who meet our high quality demands

  • Birmingham square construction for increased hull width with finely tapered swims (13’) fore and (12’) aft.

  • Canted fore deck over self draining gas locker with ‘T’ stud and feature hinges and fender eyes

  • Canted rear deck with plank effect deck, dollies and swan neck, rudder gear with skeg

  • Remote weedhatch “chute” through rear deck

  • Upswept boatman’s cabin integral handrail with scrollwork detail to drains and handrail end with boatman’s beam

  • All windows/porthole apertures cut

  • Front bulkheads with unique overhang detailing

  • Heavy duty ‘D’ bar guards to bow (65mm), stern and hull side for substantial protection

  • Self draining front deck

  • Integral diesel tank, keel cooler and engine bearers to suit engine of your choice

  • All steelwork ground and “linished”


£480.00 per foot

50' - £24,000.00

57' - £27,360.00

62' - £29,760.00

optional extras:

  • Back doors and hatch (unlined) £380.00

  • Side doors (unlined) £270.00

  • Side doors and hatch (unlined) £450.00

  • Front doors panelled with 1/2 glazing provision £340.00

  • Houdini hatch steelwork £230.00

  • Front side lockers, self-draining with steel hinged lids £650.00

  • Stern tube 1 1/2" fitted £228.00

  • Supply of 185mm diameter bow thruster tunnel £232.00

  • Fit bow thruster tunnel in watertight locker with hinged self-draining access in top and removable guards £698.00

  • Pigeon box £248.00

  • Roof hatch for centre engine room fit £390.00

  • 2 pack epoxy Jotomastic paint to all exterior and to interior steelwork £726.00

  • Recessed panels, 4 per side £1,290.00

  • Loading to motor transport £196.00

Total Price

All our boats are bespoke so prices will vary slightly according to your individual specification. However, the prices provided will help to give you a close approximation of the cost of your ideal boat. Additionally, the prices shown do not include VAT.


57' Widebeam - £27,360.00


Back doors and hatch (unlined) - £380.00

Stern tube 1 1/2" fitted - £228.00

2 pack epoxy Jotomastic paint to all steelwork - £726.00

Loading to motor transport - £196.00

Sub-total: £28,890.00

VAT at 20%: £5,778.00

Total: £34,668.00