Our 'Sheffield' class is based on classic British broadbeam barges, inspired by boats such as "Big Mere" and the Icebreaker, "Whale". She has a huge internal volume and is an ideal live aboard as she will happily cruise the wide beam system in the UK.

Herculean build quality, combined with careful design gives this little ship instant appeal. A truly unique craft.

specification includes:

  • Max dimensions 60’ by 12’3”

  • 10mm/6mm/4mm steel construction

  • Internal keelson for increased strength

  • Ring frame construction plus hull and cabin stringer for increased strength and “fair” lines

  • Elegant sheer to hull sides, protected by three substantial rubbing strakes

  • Wide side decks and built in “toe rail” to ensure confident handling and good access to all areas of boat

  • 9’ stern includes:

  1. Good engine access

  2. Built in seat lockers, rear locker housing hydraulic steering sytem and emergency tiller position

  3. Helmsman’s position

  4. Back doors and sliding hatch

  5. Heavy duty bollards

  • 5’3” bow includes:

  1. Bow thruster locker access (185mm tube fitted)

  2. Gas locker

  3. Anchor chain locker

  4. Heavy duty bollards

  5. Front door/emergency escape access

  • Split level cabin with subtle “sheer” featuring:

  1. All port hole apertures

  2. Roof light/ lantern aperture with raised steelwork to accommodate steel or wooden roof light

  3. Houdini hatch steelwork

  4. 2 off side doors for additional ventilation/ light

  • Integral diesel tanks with twin filling positions

  • Engine bearers and keel cooling tanks to suit engine of your choice

  • Large weedhatch for good access to prop

  • 1 ½” stern tube fitted

  • Heavy duty “shilling” rudder for increased handling dynamics on 50mmm diameter rudder stock

  • Emergency tiller steering position

  • Fender eye fittings

  • All external steelwork welds and surfaces thoroughly prepared

  • Painted in Jotomastic 2 pack epoxy – including beneath baseplate

component price list:


Steelwork only:

  • Fully linished and primed



Engine and bow thruster fitted:

  • Barrus 90hp fitted with single start battery

  • Fuel systems fitted and tested

  • Cooling systems fitted and tested

  • Morse control mounted on Helmsman's position

  • Propellor, shaft and flexible coupling fitted

  • Vetus 95kgf bow thruster unit fitted

  • Hydraulic steering system unit fitted



Sailaway package includes:

  • Approximately 15 tonnes of concrete ballast

  • 25mm poly floor fitted to floor joints

  • Battening

  • Sprayfoam insulation

  • 12 off chrome portholes fitted

  • 1 Houdini hatch fitted




  • 2 colour paint scheme using Jotomastic Yacht paint system, including anti-slip



Total Price

All prices shown do not include VAT. If the boat is to be your primary residence, it will be VAT exempt as it meets the necessary criteria to be a "Qualifying Ship" as set out in H.M. Customs and Revenue rulings.