Over the years, we are proud to have had many positive reviews both from customers and various boating magazines. We hope that you too will be equally satisfied with our product.

'Water Lyon' - A Gentleman's Launch, fitted out by Martin Kilby and team.

Based on a gentleman’s launch, ‘Water Lyon’ is a very different kind of wide-beam boat…

Although only 4’6” wider than a narrowboat, it feels more like twice the width which means you can have comfortable 2 and 2 accommodation in a 45’ boat length.

Taking ‘Water Lyon’ for a spin along Bristol’s floating harbour was a very enjoyable experience. The boat moved nicely through the water and responded well to changes in engine speed.

A near vertical stem post gives ‘Water Lyon’ a purposeful look and cuts through the water nicely. There are curves in both the plan and side views so Tim had to erect framing to the required shapes first and then clad it with steel. This can sometimes result in a few undulations but the steelwork here is so smooth it looks like it came out of a mould.

The Verdict: I had seen photographs of this boat during construction so I was expecting something out of the ordinary; and I wasn’t disappointed.

The combination of a discerning customer and a skilled and dedicated workforce has produced a boat with great character, innovation and quality.
— Waterways World, September 2014, Boat Review

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'Hyggelig' - A 60' Cruiser Stern with lowered well deck, fit out by Brayzel Boats.

‘Hyggelig’, built for Jon and Jenny by Brayzel Narrowboats, is a boat that has plenty of interesting features and works well.

In a Tyler Wilson shell, a lot of the work is done by the eye, and that’s probably why the shell looks so pretty. The lines are lovely; the boat sits nicely on the water and everything looks in proportion…

Tyler Wilson shells are some of the best handling boats out there, and this is no exception…

This is a boat with a lot going for it, a very pretty shell from a well-known builder with a quality fit out to match.
— Canal Boat, November 2014, Boat Test

'Mirabillis' - A 60' Traditional Narrowboat with fit out by Braidbar Boats.

“Mirabillis” means amazing, wondrous or remarkable, which pretty much sums up Abbi and Graham’s new life on board their boat.

The shell is by Tyler Wilson, typically good looking… and there are nice details everywhere. Such as, scrolls in the handrails and cants and a boatman’s beam across the roof…

Tyler Wilson shells are some of the best handling hulls available thanks to their long swims, and ‘Mirabillis’ proved no exception. We winded with ease twice during our test, both times without fuss and without using the bow thruster…

The look of the boat obviously struck a chord with walkers on the Macclesfield; it’s quite a while since we’ve carried out a boat test when so many people commented on what a nice boat it was…
— Canal Boat, February 2015, Boat Test

'Celtic Pride'

‘Celtic Pride’ is based on a shell by Tyler Wilson. This 58ft 6in trad is one of their sheer line tugs and is the sort of boat that really catches the eye. The lines are immensely pleasing and it’s a real head-turner. But then you start to notice all sorts of little details that only add to the pleasure of looking at this boat. You almost want to take a seat so you can take it all in - much like the way some people sit and stare at paintings in art galleries...

The boat is a joy to steer. It’s deep draughted and on the heavy side too, so it won’t get blown about too much by the wind. The rudder is a big piece of metal, so the steering is a little heavier than on some other boats. But that’s a good thing because it feels very positive. Few hulls turn better than a Tyler Wilson and this boat proves that rule. The long swims mean it can be turned very easily…

In addition, this boat is something of a head turner, in a way that tugs often are. There’s just something about that long tug deck which looks very attractive on the water.
— Canal Boat, December 2014, Boat Test


This is not a craft that is designed to sit in a marina - it is one to go cruising… Handling with the wheel was positively delightful and, once on the river, the boat opened up and moved superbly, with minimal wash… an excellent boat.
— Waterways World, December 2013, New Boat Test

All hulls used by our company for new boats are built by Tyler Wilson. The design and construction of these fine hulls provide our team of boatbuilders with the consistent quality and stability needed for the fit-out procedure to produce an enduring craft which will shout quality into the years ahead.
— Nantwich Marina, www.nantwichmarina.co.uk/inde.php/boat-builders