Our Hulls.

We have continually and painstakingly developed our designs, always trying to improve the quality and efficiency of our hulls. As a result, we have created some of the most beautiful crafts on the water whose performance is second to none. The clean flowing lines of the bow cut through the water effortlessly while the traditional square hull culminating in the long aft swim generates a smooth flow of water to the propellor, making even the most difficult manoeuvres easy to handle. Expertly designed and lovingly crafted, these elegant and beautiful hulls make for truly stunning boats.

Our Steelwork.

Our pursuit of perfection begins with sourcing the very best quality materials. Our steel suppliers are well aware of our exacting standards and hand pick coils to meet our requirements. Modern fabrication techniques, including laser and plasma cutting, combined with traditional craftsmanship result in beautifully constructed boats which capture the detail and flowing lines that have resulted in countless show winners.