Our award winning Josher features a classic double curved bow creating the stunning traditional Josher shape. Extended swim lines allow this beautiful boat to cut effortlessly through the water.

Subtle detailing pays homage to this classic boat's origins, this beautiful boat is also available with a subtle sheer from bow to stern (as shown on boat featured below) to create a truly unique craft.

Specification includes:

  • A truly classic boat using 10mm/6mm/5mm/4mm construction

  • Beautifully double curved Josher bow with extended swim lines and additional heavy duty rubbing strakes

  • Elegantly shaped front canted deck with scrollwork, detailing to cant ends and feature hinges

  • Planked and picture framed front well deck (self draining)

  • Front bulkheads

  • Scrollwork detailing to integral handrail with boatman’s beam

  • Engine bearers, integral diesel tank and keel cooler to suit engine of your choice

  • Integral weedhatch “chute” through rear deck Raised cants to rear deck with scrollwork detailing

  • Heavy duty rudder stock with swan neck and skeg with rear dollies to back deck

  • Heavy duty guard to bow, stern and side for maximum protection

  • 12’ rear swim with 27” draft for low water lines

  • All steelwork ground and ‘linished’

braidbar exteriors3 055.jpg


£428.00 per foot for Traditional Josher

50’ - £21,400.00

57’ - £24,396.00

62’ - £26,536.00

70’ - £29,960.00

£480.00 per foot for Sheerline Josher

50’ - £24,100.00

57’ - £27,360.00

62’ - £29,884.00

70’ - £33,740.00

Optional extras:

  • Back doors and hatch (unlined) £380.00

  • Side doors (unlined) £270.00

  • Side doors and hatch (unlined) £450.00

  • Front doors panelled with 1/2 glazing provision £340.00

  • Houdini hatch steelwork. £230.00

  • Front side lockers, self-draining with steel hinged lids £650.00

  • Stern tube 1 1/2" fitted £228.00

  • Supply of 185mm diameter bow thruster tunnel £232.00

  • Fit bow thruster tunnel in watertight locker with hinged self-draining access in top and removable guards £698.00

  • Pigeon box. £248.00

  • Roof hatch for centre engine room fit £390.00

  • 2 pack epoxy Jotomastic paint to all exterior and to internal steelwork £426.00

  • Recessed panels, 4 per side in stern cabin £1,290.00

  • Loading to motor transport £196.00

braidbar exteriors1 045.jpg

Total Price

All our boats are bespoke so prices will vary slightly according to your individual specification. However, the prices provided will help to give you a close approximation of the cost of your ideal boat. Additionally prices shown do not include VAT.


57’ Sheerline Josher - £27,360.00


Back doors and hatch (unlined) - £380.00

Stern tube 1 ½” fitted - £228.00

2 pack epoxy Jotomastic paint to all steelwork - £426.00

Loading to motor transport - £196.00

Sub-total: £28,590.00

VAT at 20%: £5,718.00

Total: £34,308.00