Crick Winner "Columbus" For Sale


Anyone who visited Crick this year couldn't help but be bowled over by this fantastic boat, a combination of stunning steelwork from our team in Sheffield combined with the imagination and craftsmanship of the team at Boating Leisure Services.

Reviewed in the Canal Boat's August New Boat Test, this 60' tug is a boat with real character and  one we're proud to feature, along with some highlights from the article.

“Columbus” is based on a Tyler Wilson tug, and it really is a thing of beauty. It doesn’t really matter which angle you look at it from, either. From the front, you get the benefit of seeing the Josher style bow; from the side you can see the rise in the gunwales and roofline toward the stern; and from the back you can see how the rise continues through the counter.

But there’s more to enjoy when you look at the details. There are rings on the forward bulkhead, scrolls in the handrails, a boatman’s beam across the roof and a riveted panel in the roof to make you think an engine has been lowered through.

The tug deck and counter have a plank effect, there are answer pins on the gunwales and recessed panels at the stern carrying the boat’s name and number. Three pigeon boxes on the roof emphasise the traditional look - but in fact, they all have double glazed lights.
— Canal Boat, August 2015

"Columbus" exterior

Many people say they like the shape of tugs, but struggle with the loss of cabin space because of the long deck. But “Columbus uses that space for an extra bedroom. Solid oak is used throughout, with shadow gap tongue and groove below the gunwales and painted cabbing sides above. There’s more shadow gap in the ceiling and the floor is also solid oak. All the oak furniture is made to a very high standard - it looks both solid and stylish.
— Canal Boat, August 2015

Interior, galley

Access to the bedroom under the tug deck is pretty special. Entering the boat from the tug deck you walk into the saloon down three steps. The steps slide allowing entry into the under-deck room. As this is a space under a tug deck, there was never going to be massive headroom, but it still feels like a proper room.

What makes it really special is the glass panel in the tug deck which floods the space with light. It’s well over an inch thick and is surrounded by colour-change LED lights and will have a blind too. This means there’s a permanently available second bed, which many owners would find useful.
— Canal Boat, August 2015

Tug deck with skylight for below bedroom

Bedroom under tug deck

Galley with sliding step access to bedroom under tug deck

A spacious saloon with large sofa leads onto a very smart looking galley, complete with granite worktops, washing machine, fridge, 'cape' oven and hob with angled extractor fan and dishwasher.

The walk through shower room features a quadrant shower basin and Vetus Macerator toilet.

The master cabin is light and airy thanks to two sets of side doors and lots of cleverly concealed storage, keeping the area clutter free.

"Columbus" is powered by a Beta 50 which in turn charges a state of the art domestic battery system featuring Victron Lithium batteries, which form the heart of a sophisticated electrical system.

Interior, master cabin

There can’t be many better ways to spend a sunny day than steering a fine looking tug along our waterways, And, as you might expect from a Tyler Wilson shell, this one handles extremely well. It responds to the tiller and turns very well.

Tugs are very appealing and this one is particularly attractive: the traditional exterior looks the part, while the inside has the contemporary, high quality look and feel that people like. And then there’s the element that really makes it stand out, the extra bedroom under the tug deck.

So how much does a boat like this cost? “Columbus” is priced at £158,000 and for that you get a high quality boat for you cash, a superb shell with fantastic detailing, a well thought out layout, top drawer fit-out and very advanced electrics.

But perhaps what’s more important is that this is a boat that’s very easy to fall in love with - and when a boat can make you smile every time you think about it, it really is a winner.
— Canal Boat, August 2015

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